Created as a utility for Heroclix players, Click Master allows users to perform complex searches, create customized teams, and keep track of their collections. With over sixty commenters giving it five stars, it continues to be a must-have app for the dedicated Heroclix player.

5 stars on Carlos Suarez-Google Play

CLICK MASTERCarlos Suarez-Google Play5


Able to organize my collection and also able to build teams for tournaments. Very helpful app for a novice like myself.

Heroclix Search Engine

Search Engine Features:

  • Special Powers
  • Search 1st and/or 2nd click
  • Search your collection
  • Sort results
  • Multiple matches like keywords (e.g. soldier or spy), team abilities, powers, and sets

Find the perfect character for your team by using the extensive search capabilities of Click Master. Interested in thematic teams from your favorite comic book? You can limit the sets you search through, or simply search by a keyword. Want to find the most powerful character in your collection? You can limit the searches to only what is in your collection.

Team Builder

Team Building features:

  • ATAs listed for your team
  • Objects, resources and relics
  • Is your team modern? Keyword thematic?

Once you start creating your team you’ll be able to easily add ATAs, resources and more. The app is also a handy way to have all the information about your characters without having find each character’s card. When playing you can simply put the app in tournament mode from Settings and the dial information is hidden.

Collection Manager

Collection Manager features:

  • Track your collection by set
  • Synchronize your collection between multiple devices
  • Quickly view the content of any set

Quickly update and manage your collection through Click Master. New in 2.0, back up your collection and synchronize it with other devices running Click Master.



Best clix app ever! I build all my teams on this and do everything clix on this app.

Brett Coulson-November 22, 2014

No real competition. I’ve had this app for a while now. The developer constantly updates it in a timely manner and actually communicates back to you. The design is simple enough to use and very useful. if you’re serious about heroclix, then you’ll find this essential to the game.

David Morales-April 26, 2014

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