A simple app that quickly allows Heroclix players to check their line of fire. No more guessing whether a square blocks your line of fire to another character on the map.

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LINE OF FIREA Google User-Google Play5

I’ve been hoping for this.

No more stretching paper or strings across maps. It’s simple and perfect for the tournaments I run!

Line of fire app for use with Heroclix.

Created as a quick way to check for line of fire for your HeroClix games. Never again be unsure of whether your line of fire crosses a blocked or hindered square.

Touch the source square and target square. A line is drawn between the two squares, and all squares that fall on the line are highlighted. Touch again to reset.

The grid and buttons are draggable.

With keypad access: ‘I’ zooms in, ‘O’ zooms out.


Works good This app is a simple showing you the squares your lof is passing through, you don’t need a map pictured, works great.

Anthony Piseno-June 24, 2013

Fantastic!!! I have a paper chart I use as a judge to help with this but this is so much easier and convenient to use. Works excellently and I love how it even shows the range from the origin square.

A Google User-April 3, 2012

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